The UGC unveils “UTSAH,” a site to monitor qualitative improvements made by HEIs.

A new portal that the #UGC has developed to track the quality changes being made in the nation’s higher education institutions was announced by UGC Chairperson M. Jagadesh Kumar. The portal’s name is #UTSAH, which stands for “Undertaking Transformational Strategies and Actions in Higher Education.” According to the UGC Chairperson, the portal would go live by the end of the month. The purpose of this portal was to monitor the adoption of the new National Education Policy.

IITs, NITs, and INIs were a few of the organizations that contributed to the platform’s development, according to Kumar. He claims that all higher education institutions (HEIs) are required to connect to the site and submit information regarding the numerous activities falling under the ambit of the 10 priority areas.

Kumar expects the portal will be used to effectively track and support the National Education Policy, 2020 and its strategic initiatives across the country’s HEIs.

The portal will gather information from HEIs in 10 thrust areas, including

10 major thrust areas

  1. Multidisciplinary

  2. Digital empowerment and online education

  3. skill development

  4. Employability

  5. Research

  6. Innovation

  7. Entrepreneurship

  8. promotion of Indian languages

  9. Indian knowledge systems

  10. internationalisation of education.

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