Learning Management System

A stable, robust, secure, cloud-based, personalized LMS system for Online Education.

Unified ERP and LMS

A single-window solution with a pre-integrated suite of LMS and ERP software systems to manage the student lifecycle efficiently

Journaling software

A platform for researchers and authors for publishing original and best-quality research for the study, implementation, awareness, betterment and challenges of NEP2020.


Live reporting, Progress report, Student and Teacher Performance report. All types of Finance Reports. Helps in analyzing data to take informed decisions.

Educational ERP

Student Information system, Fee Management System, Automated Admission system, Account and Finance and more

Accreditation Software

NAAC assistance software with NAAC Compatible Reports

Live Classroom Solution

Live video Lecture, Recording, Class Attendance, Public/Private Text Chat, Multi-user whiteboard

Mobile Solution

Fully customized and personalized Online Education Mobile App to enable increased mobility and flexibility in education.

Outcome Based Education

Automate & simplifies the OBE calculation process including defining, mapping, evaluating and reporting for CO, PO.

Digital Content Solutions

OPAC library management system, Digital Library, Integration with NPTEL, SWAYAM, NIDL

Admission Management System

Automated Admission management system to increase online admissions and course enrollment.

Internship Program

Online Internship program through LMS in a self-paced mode with mentorship and certification

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