JhaMobi Refund and Cancellation Policy

For JhaMobi Software Solutions:

Last updated on April 1st 2023

JhaMobi Technologies follows a “ZERO” Return Policy.  No software will ever be returned for any other reason than the consumer receiving unintended software. During the first three months, the customer may cancel their subscription or order. If an order is canceled for any reason after it has been confirmed, all payments will be forfeited.

For Internship Program:

Last updated on April 1st 2023

In relation to the internship program, Before signing up for any of the subscription plans associated with the internship program, please carefully review the terms and conditions, since once you have subscribed, you are unable to modify or cancel your subscription plan. Any online subscriptions that you subscribe to and pay for are final once you do; there can be no adjustments or revisions made to them, and there won’t be any refunds.

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