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JhaMobi Tech is an Educational Technology software service provider which provides consulting, technology & outsourcing to its domestic as well as global clients belonging to online and offline education domain. It is into web technology, mobile technology and cloud technology development in the Education Technology (EdTech) domain. They specialize in Edutech solutions like LMS, ERP (School Management System), Education CRM, VOD solutions, School MIS etc, Live Classroom.

Company Vision

"To be the pioneering force that bridges the vast Skills Gap between Education and Industry, transforming students into job-ready professionals through an accessible and affordable online IT internship program. Our vision is a world where every learner's potential is unlocked, where knowledge seamlessly translates into employable skills, and where individuals confidently embark on their career journeys, empowered by the strength of our innovative solutions."

Company Mission

At JhaMobi, our mission is to revolutionize the education-to-employment landscape. We are committed to bridging the Skills Gap between Education and Industry by offering an affordable and accessible online IT internship program. We aspire to empower students with the practical skills, knowledge, and experiences necessary for their first job, thus shaping a future where education seamlessly aligns with career opportunities. We are dedicated to fostering the growth and success of every learner, ensuring they step confidently into the professional world, fully equipped to meet the demands of the evolving job market.

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Executive Team

The one that matters most is the visionary behind the organization ! Our executive team have made JhaMobi what it is today. All this could only happen through our undying commitment, untiring endeavors, rich experiences as well as the wisdom acquired along the way. Our business has grown and continues to grow by leaps and bounds; as Education Technology is our passion and a huge part of our energies are focused in its betterment. With our vision, we all set to march forward into the future to fulfill this dream.

Prasanna Jha

Chief Executive Officer

Vidula Jadhav

Chief Operating Officer

Abhijeet Zadokar

VP of Sales

team members

Advisory Board

Realizing the vision of JhaMobi requires a very high commitment and an even higher level of competence. It is this unique combination of experience and expertise of all the distinguished individuals in our Advisory Board that has gone into the steady growth of the company. We have along with us the support of some of the best minds in education, technology and business. Their unending support, involvement, guidance in the right direction has enabled us to continue on the path of continuous upgrade of its policies, practices and innovations.

Sumit Gupta

Abhishek Mani

Rashmi Jha

Prabhat Kumar

Dr. Shrihari Honwad

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