A Cost-Benefit Analysis of JOIP where students pay for internships rather than getting stipends.

Illustration of a student weighing scales, with money on one side and internship experience on the other, representing the cost-benefit analysis of paying for internships versus receiving stipends.
In general, it is not justified for students to pay for internships. Here’s why:
  • Interns are expected to contribute: Even though they are learning, interns are expected to contribute to the company’s work. They complete tasks, provide fresh perspectives, and can help with projects. 
  • Financial burden on students: Many students rely on internships to help cover living expenses. Having to pay for an internship creates a financial burden.

However, JOIP offers a novel and disruptive internship solution that causes a paradigm shift in the internship industry. It is because it operates remotely and online as opposed to offline or in an office.


  • Financial: Upfront payment for the internship program.
  • Time commitment: Hours dedicated to internship work.
  • Opportunity cost: Forgoing alternative internships or jobs that might offer a stipend.


  • Mentorship: Guidance from experienced professionals. Mentorship in niche fields where competition is high.
  • Skill development: Gaining practical experience and building relevant skills to bridge academic-industry gap. 
  • Network building: Connecting with industry professionals and potential employers.
  • Increased employability: Stand out from other candidates with internship experience.
  • Cost-effective: Even though JOIP requires a small fee from interns, it is compensated in comparison to other internship programs where interns receive a stipend that is then used for relocation expenses, accommodation expenses, transportation expenses, food, and other expenses. Owing to its online and remote nature, JOIP is free of such costs.  
  • Specific project experience: Working on a defined project can showcase your abilities.
  • Represent underrepresented candidates: JOIP aims to inspire underrepresented but aspiring candidates to continue internships in the technical field. Personalized and differentiated program for each intern assure to complete the internship on their own terms. 

Weighing the Costs and Benefits for JOIP:

  • Financial Investment: Consider the cost of the program compared to your financial situation. So JOIP gives the option of Free Internship options for those who get qualified for it.  
  • Mentorship Quality: Because mentors offer invaluable advice and connections, JOIP carefully considers the mentor’s experience and qualifications in your desired field. JOIP is aware that because of their new learning experiences, projects, and working environment, students may experience low self-esteem and confidence. Here, students require inspiration to maintain a positive attitude. They require a prolonged and consistent relationship with mentors.   
  • Project Relevance: Projects are aligned with interns career goals and skillset. These are live projects for gaining hands-on experience.
  • Company Reputation: As far as company’s reputation and its track record for developing interns is concerned, JOIP is powered by startup company JhaMobi has 10 years of rich experience in IT development service which puts it ahead of its competitors.  So having its own internship infrastructure is a big moat. It is basically developing an ecosystem of Online Internship networks to gain a large market share from the entire internship space.
  • Internship Duration: JOIP assures short, medium and long program duration options to gain meaningful experience.
  • Post-Internship Opportunities: Partner companies of JhaMobi offer potential for future employment or project continuation.
  • Reviews and Testimonials: JOIP has proper feedback mechanism from previous interns to gauge the program’s effectiveness.


Paid internships with mentorship can be a valuable investment for Indian students. Weigh the program’s cost against the potential benefits intern gains in terms of skills, experience, and network building. Compare it with free internship opportunities, JOIP ensure the mentorship offered is of high quality and aligns with your career aspirations.

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