Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Course Overview

Prepare to enter the cutting-edge technology industry, pursue new career opportunities, and become a leader in innovation.

Course Duration:

6 months. This allows for an in-depth exploration of Digital marketing concepts and practical hands-on experience.

Key Features

Application Process:

  1. Join Our Internship Program by filling application form on https://jhamobi.com/internship/

  2. Mail to admin@jhamobi.com

  3. Call +91 8605666060 / +91 98185 80529

Shortlisted candidates will be selected based on Eligibility criteria and academic performance.

Skills Covered

Course Curriculum

  • Any college students who are looking for Online Internship in Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

College students from any stream in Engineering who are interested in completing an internship in the IT industry.
Course Content

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  1. Introduction to AI
  2. Traditional AI Practice: MLOps
  3. GenAI Practice: LLMOps
  4. Difference between MLOps vs LLMOps
  1. What is the Foundation Model?
  2. Foundation Models Architecture
  3. How does foundation models work?
  4. Different use cases of foundation Models?
  5. Limitations of foundation Models?
  6. Foundation Models Repositories
  7. Few Open Source LLMs
  8. Notebooks on how-to-use LLMs
  1. What is Prompt and its purpose and Structure.
  2. Why Prompt Engineering and various Prompt Design considerations
  3. Different types of prompts
  4. Chain of Thought prompts
  5. Prompt Playground demo
  6. Notebooks on how-to-use various techniques of prompts
  1. Why Vector database?
  2. What is vector database?
  3. Difference between Traditional databases and Vector databases?
  4. Vector Database pipeline?
  5. Popular Vector databases in the market
  6. Use Case for vector databases
  7. Notebooks on how-to-use different vector databases
  1. Why LLM Frameworks?
  2. Review popular LLM Frameworks
  3. Notebooks on how-to-use few Frameworks(Langchain, vLLM)
  1. Why Model Compression?
  2. Different techniques of compression
  3. Notebooks on how-to-use Model compression Techniques
  4. Notebook on how-to-use prompts to do compression
  1. Information Retrieval (IR)
  2. Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)
  1. Introduction to Streamlit for developing simple web Apps for data
  2. Introduction to FAST API development
  3. RAG application using streamlit UX experience
Industry Project
Project 1

OCR development

Project 3

Crowd counting

Exam & Certification

JhaMobi Technologies certificates are given after completing full assignments and Mock Tests, quizzes/tests and Final exam online.

1. The intern is required to finish the one-month training program in self study mode.
2. Interns must pass a proctored exam in quiz form.
3. A verbal interview with a concerned industry/technology expert will take place following the successful completion of the proctored quiz exam.
4. The intern will begin free online internship after selection.
5. If candidates are not qualified then they will be asked to be directly enrolled in paid internship programs at nominal cost.

Intern can select any of 3 internship options:

45 days, 90 days and 180 days.

1.5 months/45 Days costs Rs 2500
3 Months/90 days costs Rs 5000
6 Months/180 days costs Rs 8100

After completion, interns will get completion certificate with grade

Kindly note:- The students enrolled in Universities/Institutions/Colleges can avail of Credit Transfer as per UGC Regulations, 2021 for this course. The Host Company for this Credit Transfer will be JhaMobi Technologies Private Limited


Like other programs, you can join this program online after selection.

It is an instructor-led live class based course under 6 months of mentorship.

Any technical issue related to the LMS platform will be resolved with in-call support.

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