Course Overview

Are you passionate about entrepreneurship? Ready to dive into the world of startups and innovation? Look no further!

The objective of this internship program is to prepare interns for Entrepreneurship. This is designed to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with hands-on experience, mentorship, and valuable skills to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey

Location: Virtual/Remote

Course Duration:

6 months. This allows for an in-depth exploration of Digital marketing concepts and practical hands-on experience.

What to Expect:

Real-World Experience: Work alongside experienced entrepreneurs and industry professionals on real projects and initiatives.

Mentorship: Receive personalized guidance and mentorship from successful entrepreneurs who are eager to share their insights and expertise.

Skill Development: Gain practical skills in business development, marketing, finance, and more through workshops, seminars, and hands-on projects.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals, expand your professional network, and forge valuable connections within the entrepreneurship community.

Project Ownership: Take ownership of your projects and initiatives, and see your ideas come to life in a supportive and dynamic environment.

Application Process:

  1. Join Our Internship Program by filling application form on https://jhamobi.com/internship/

  2. Mail to admin@jhamobi.com

  3. Call +91 8605666060 / +91 98185 80529

Shortlisted candidates will be selected based on Eligibility criteria and academic performance.

Skills Covered

Course Curriculum

  • Any college students who are looking for an Online Internship in Entrepreneurship
Program Content

This Program aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the exciting world of entrepreneurship. It will cover the essential concepts, processes, and challenges involved in launching and growing a successful business venture.

  1. Define entrepreneurship and its role in the economy.
  2. Explore different entrepreneurial mindsets and characteristics.
  3. Discuss the history and current trends of entrepreneurship.
  1. Learn how to identify and evaluate potential business opportunities.
  2. Develop customer discovery skills through market research techniques.
  3. Understand customer validation methods and how to create a minimum viable product (MVP).
  1. Explore the different sections of a business plan and their purpose.
  2. Learn how to conduct market analysis, competitor research, and financial projections.
  3. Develop a compelling pitch deck to attract investors or partners.
  1. Cover key areas like marketing, sales, finance, and operations management.
  2. Understand legal considerations for startups, including business structures and intellectual property.
  3. Learn about effective accounting practices and financial management techniques.
  1. Discuss different sources of funding for startups, including bootstrapping, angel investors, and venture capital.
  2. Explore the role of incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces in supporting startups.
  3. Learn about the importance of building a strong network and finding mentors.
  1. Cultivate essential skills like creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving.
  2. Develop resilience and learn how to overcome challenges and setbacks.
  3. Foster effective communication and leadership skills for building a strong team.
  • Case studies and business plan development: Students will analyze real-world entrepreneurial cases and develop their own business plans.
  • Class presentations and discussions: Students will gain experience presenting their ideas and engaging in discussions about various entrepreneurial topics.

Guest lectures: Invite successful entrepreneurs or industry experts to share their experiences and insights

  • By the end of this course, students should be able to:
    • Identify and evaluate potential business opportunities.
    • Develop a comprehensive business plan.
    • Understand the fundamentals of business operations and management.
    • Navigate the startup ecosystem and explore financing options.
    • Develop a strong entrepreneurial mindset with essential skills and knowledge.
  • Tailor course content to incorporate current trends in entrepreneurship, like social entrepreneurship or sustainable business practices.
  • Encourage student participation and team-based learning activities.
  • Provide opportunities for students to connect with mentors or entrepreneurs in residence.
  • Offer field trips to local startups or innovation hubs for a real-world experience.

This framework provides a solid foundation for an entrepreneurship course for college students. Remember to adapt and personalize it based on your specific learning objectives and student needs.

Industry Project
Project 1

Exam & Certification

  • Demonstrates a foundational understanding and practical knowledge of Entrepreneurship.
  • Validates knowledge for various roles within an organization, even non-technical ones.
  • Provides a valuable starting point for starting your business by taking optimized risks.

JOIP is a great entry point for individuals wanting to start their journey with Entrepreneurship.

Kindly note:- The students enrolled in Universities/Institutions/Colleges can avail of Credit Transfer as per UGC Regulations, 2021 for this course. The Host Company for this Credit Transfer will be JhaMobi Technologies Private Limited


It is an instructor-led, live class based course under 6 months of mentorship.

You can join this program in any academic year/semester while pursuing UG/PG

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