JhaMobi develops and revamps college website at affordable price

"JhaMobi develops and revamps college website at affordable price"

After deep online research, we found that most of educational websites are long, dry, and busy with information. This left users feeling lost and frustrated, leading them away from the website. To overcome these challenges faced by colleges/universities, we started website development and revamp services which bring the website beyond the past two-column, three-column layout or boxy look and feel of websites. Current and prospective students no longer have to navigate through multiple pages to seek the information they need, they are treated to responsive versions of websites and parallax effects. Some of these sites also offer big visuals with large photos and animated transitions. This works well when reaching out to a younger demographic who are looking to be impressed and enticed to join your institutions.

JhaMobi provides Website development and revamping services to colleges/universities. This services typically includes:

1. Assessment and Planning:
Evaluate current website performance.
Identify goals and objectives for the revamp.

2. Stakeholder Involvement:
Gather input from faculty, students, and administrators.

3. Content Audit:
Review and update existing content.
Add new information and multimedia elements.

4. Design Overhaul:
Modernize the website design for a fresh look.
Ensure responsiveness for various devices.

5. User Experience (UX) Improvement:
Enhance navigation and user-friendly interfaces.
Optimize for intuitive user journeys.

6. Integration of Features:
Implement features like event calendars, news feeds, and social media integration.

7. Accessibility:
Ensure the website is accessible to users with disabilities.

8. Security Enhancements:
Strengthen website security measures.

9. Technology Upgrade:
Update content management systems and other technologies.

10. Mobile Optimization:
Optimize the website for mobile devices.

11. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
Implement SEO best practices for improved visibility.

12. Testing:
Conduct thorough testing to identify and fix issues.

13. Training and Documentation:
Provide training for staff managing the website.
Create documentation for future reference.

14. Launch and Promotion:

Plan a successful launch strategy.
Promote the revamped website to the college community.

15. Feedback and Iteration:
Collect feedback post-launch and make necessary improvements.

We tailor these steps to the specific needs and goals of the colleges/universities


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