How is JOIP different from other Internship Platforms?

How is JOIP different from other internship platforms
Some internship platforms, such as Internshala and LetsIntern, have been pioneers in the Indian internship space for the past decade.

These online platforms help students in searching for internships and having a matchmaking mechanism to connect interns with hiring employers. So how does JOIP differ from these companies? 

Though JOIP and Internshala both operate in the internship space, there is a notable difference in their business model: Internshala is dependent on external companies (employers) for intern hiring, which creates dependency on hiring companies. In most cases, companies may not be looking for interns. And that is the reason, out of 15 lacs, only 6% Indian engineering students get internships every year. JOIP, on the other hand, hires interns within their own company so that it can increase capacity and meet demand at any time. This demand-supply gap has widened further since internships became mandatory for college students under the New Education Policy 2020 (NEP2020), and many students in science and engineering colleges are looking for IT internships.

So proper and systematic mentorship, a proper assessment and project evaluation system, and own internship infrastructure are major advantages of JOIP. 

JOIP has many benefits under this sustainable business model: 

  • Internship in all major technical, financial and general skills at one place.
  • It gives an extra source of income to mentors and new learning as a part of their side hustle.
  • Attain a recognized certification after proper evaluation with grades which validate expertise and enhancing career opportunities.
  • JOIP recruits all mentors by stringent selection process with part time engagement. 
  • Flexibility: Time Options, Home Comfort so convenient, Personalized & differentiated content for each intern. 
  • Affordable due to Online Mode, No wastage, low distribution cost and no delivery cost, asset light, no depreciation and amortization. 
  • Course Content: It has generative AI-Powered proprietary multimedia-rich structured and dynamic digital content. Industry-focused curriculum to reduce institute-industry gap.
  • Community building: Effective peer connect and knowledge/thought exchange with wider cohorts/groups.
  • Continuous Improvement: Continuous improvements of the program align with the needs of the industry. 

JOIP is essentially creating an ecosystem of online internship networks across India in order to capture a sizable market share of the overall internship space.

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