Is a free online internship for engineering students worth it in India?

Is a free Online Internship worth it?

Online internships are seen as a way to bridge the gap between academics and industry. The Indian government has made internships mandatory for college students. However, only 6% of eligible students get internships in the IT field, which is highly in demand. To address this shortage, some big-name companies have started offering free online internships. These internships are seen as valuable opportunities for job-seekers. Completing an internship often comes with a certificate or letter of recommendation, but the value of these certificates may not always meet the interns’ expectations.

This system of Online Internship without mentorship can have several disadvantages:

1. Lack of mentorship:
    • Interns without a mentor may find it difficult to receive timely guidance and feedback on their work. This lack of direction may impede their learning and professional development.
    • Interns without a mentor may miss out on opportunities to network with experienced professionals and industry contacts, affecting their future career prospects.
    • A mentor can provide practical industry insights, share real-world experiences, and offer skill development advice.
    • Interns may lose motivation due to a lack of mentorship. A mentor can motivate and encourage interns to overcome obstacles and remain focused on their objectives.
    • Interns may not gain a thorough understanding of the industry and its dynamics without mentorship. A mentor can provide insights into the nuances of the field, assisting interns in navigating complexities and comprehending the larger context for their work.
    • In the absence of a mentor, interns may struggle to solve complex problems. A mentor can provide advice, share experiences, and provide alternative viewpoints that help with effective problem solving.
    • Interns without a mentor may not receive personalised career advice based on their strengths and aspirations. Career guidance is critical for making sound decisions and charting a successful professional path.
    • Interns without a mentor may experience miscommunication or misunderstandings because they do not have a dedicated person to discuss concerns, seek clarification, or address workplace challenges.
    • Mentorship is often used to improve soft skills like communication, teamwork, and leadership. Without guidance, interns may not have the same opportunities to develop these critical skills.
    • In some cases, free online internships without mentorship may be lacking in structure, potentially leading to intern exploitation as they are assigned menial tasks with no clear learning path.
2. Lack of proper Assessment checking and Grade system: 
    • Interns can easily obtain a certificate without any effort, which undermines its value. Hiring companies disregard such certificates, making it difficult for sincere students to prove their credibility. In fact, students can obtain an Internship Certificate in just 5 minutes by uploading any document, even a blank page. 

It’s important to note that not all online free internships will have these disadvantages, and some interns may still find valuable learning experiences in such settings. However, the absence of mentorship does pose challenges that interns should be aware of and actively work to address through self-directed learning and seeking support from alternative sources.

By conducting a thorough analysis of the Online Internship system, JhaMobi has implemented the JhaMobi Online Internship Program (JOIP) for interns. The program offers mentorship, a proper assessment system, and is available at an affordable price. JOIP is designed for Higher Education students and combines online internships with training. This learning format allows interns to gain practical experience through hands-on project execution, which prepares them for future job opportunities. Mentors provide daily live classes and sessions for clearing doubts, and all classes are recorded. Overall, JOIP provides an engaging approach to learning.


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