Why interns are passionate about JhaMobi Online Internship program (JOIP)

Interns collaborating on a project at JhaMobi Online Internship Program.
After reaching a milestone where 1000+ college students have already completed JOIP and 90% of Online internship-cum-training students placed in the last 3 months and 100% Assured Job Calls to 100% students, JOIP has been a delightful experience for students since its inception.

These are reasons behind Student satisfaction with this program:

Flexibility: Interns start their internship in the first week of any month. They have the freedom to quit or continue whenever they want. This program offers great time flexibility. It is an online and remote program that can be completed from the comfort of home, providing location flexibility.

Long Engaged form of learning: The Online internship program is 6 months long and includes Independent hands-on projects, interview preparation, job preparation, IT skill development, and certification. Interns also receive mentorship from industry experts and attend live classes to prepare for the corporate environment.

1:1 Mentorship: Offering 1:1 mentorship involves providing personalized guidance, support, and learning opportunities for an intern in a remote or virtual setting. Effective 1:1 mentorship is a collaborative and dynamic process that focuses on the individual needs and goals of the intern.

Course Content: Generative AI-Powered Proprietary multimedia-rich structured and dynamic digital content. Personalized & differentiated content for each intern learning path. 

Community building: Effective peer connect for knowledge/thought exchange. Facilitate networking opportunities for the intern within the organization. Introduce them to other team members, encourage participation in virtual events, and provide opportunities to expand their professional network across global.

MEME: The utilization of automated multiple entry and multiple exit (MEME) results in the provision of flexible learning paths, reduce time pressure, increase chance of internship enrolment and lead to higher intern retention rates. In order to achieve the desired outcome, the organization establishes efficient channels of communication with interns, furnishes them with continuous support, and upholds a well-organized framework that guarantees a constructive and harmonious learning encounter for interns.

Continuous Improvement: Provide constructive feedback mechanism on the performance of supervisors/mentors as well as the Online internship program. Company acknowledges and rewards outstanding performance by providing a stipend at the end of the program.  Continuous enhancements to the programs should be made in order to align with the industry’s requirements.

Entrepreneurial Mindset: Working in a startup will certainly give a big boost to creativity, innovation, and a sense of ownership. This exposure helps cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit. Interns get involved in multiple tasks, including project management, marketing, customer relations, and problem-solving. Interns have opportunities to refine their pitching and communication skills. Interns gain exposure to the intricacies of business models, revenue streams, and market strategies.  

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