JhaMobi 3 months online Internship Program: Fuel Your Success

About UGC “Professor of Practice” initiative:

The National Education Policy 2020 seeks to transform higher education by focusing on skill-based education to meet the needs of the industry and the economy. Towards this, the UGC has taken a new initiative to bring the industry and other professional expertise into the academic institutions through a new category of positions called “Professor of Practice”. This will help to take real world practices and experiences into the classrooms and also augment the faculty resources in higher education institutions. In turn, the industry and society will benefit from trained graduates equipped with the relevant skills.

About JhaMobi Online Internship program:

Following the UGC “Professor of Practice” initiative, JhaMobi Technologies Private Limited (JTPL) conducts a 3 months online internship program for Computer Science graduate and postgraduate students. 

The candidate will be trained on the chosen technology for the first month of the internship. In the second month projects will be assigned. The training provided during the internship will be project-oriented training. An end-to-end web development project in PHP format needs to be completed at the end of this program.

Mode of Instruction: Online

About the Job Role:

  • Exposure to corporate environments
  • Critical thinking & problem-solving Skills
  • Increased hands-on experience in PHP programming language, MySQL Server databases, XAMPP server installation
  • Ability to work on backend functionalities along with databases.

Technologies/Skillset learned: 

  1. Full stack web development using PHP programming language
  2. MySQL Server Databases
  3. XAMPP Server Installation
  4. Cloud Technology – AWS
  5. Mobile Technology

Perks at the end of the program:

  • Internship completion certificate.
  • Letter of recommendation. (Based on performance during internship)
  • Excellence performance certificate

Intern Eligibility: JhaMobi Internship Program is for final-year Computer Science BCA, MCA, B.Sc, M.SC, B.Tech, and M.Tech students. 

Qualifications: Candidate should be a computer science engineer in BCA, MCA, B.Sc, M.SC, B.Tech, and M.Tech. 

Project details :

Many Educational Institutes conduct offline exams from time to time for student assessment. For this, they need an Examination Management software solution with all features to reduce the turnaround time to generate Exam question papers. Accurate assessment and evaluation are crucial for measuring student progress and identifying areas of improvement. A software that offers intelligent assessment tools that enable colleges and universities to create customized quizzes, tests, and assignments. These tools provide automated grading and detailed analytics, allowing instructors to gain valuable insights into student performance. With these assessment tools, educational institutions can streamline their evaluation processes, saving time and enhancing overall efficiency.

They need a Web Application to offer a full range of assessment (exam/test) modules

Software features: 

  1. Automated question paper preparation process instead of manual which is very tedious and lengthy. 
  2. Automated and quick marks and grade calculations and release.
  3. Paperless system
  4. Overcome time-consuming process
  5. Enhance security
  6. Manage the information related to tests
  7. Systematic system
  8. Report generation automation: Manual entering records and retrieving of records causes difficulty to find errors in records.
  9. Prepare a Question bank across all subjects with a full solution.
  10.  Ensure data accuracy.
  11.  Increase efficiency
  12. User-friendliness and intuitive software system.

Scope of Work:  The intern needs to develop cloud-based personalized Assessment software for Educational Institutes.

Project name: Jhamobi Assessment software solution 

Tasks enlisted:

  1. Training on basics of web development 
    1. Frontend/UI development
    2. Backend development
      1. .sql file import
      2. Master code sharing for localhost 
      3. DB connection
      4. XAMPP server (phpMyAdmin) 
      5. CRUD operations for Institute Registration
  2. Code development on localhost. FRD (Requirement Doc) and System Requirement Specification (SRS) are shared by the mentor.
    1. Question module
    2. Question Paper Module
    3. Prepare question paper in pdf format with print option and below information
  3. Review code and software by mentor on localhost
  4. Code submission by mail for code walkthrough
  5. Software demonstration.
  6. Prepare the project/internship report along with Synopsis software screenshots with the intern’s name mentioned on each screen. Synopsis format will be provided by JhaMobi Technologies.
  7. Internship completion certificate by JhaMobi Technologies.

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