JhaMobi 6 months online Internship Program: Fuel Your Success

JhaMobi 6 Months Online Internship Program

The National Education Policy 2020 seeks to transform higher education by focusing on skill-based education to meet the needs of the industry and the economy. Some initiatives like “Vocational Education”, “industry-academic linkages” and “Professor of Practice ” are brought in this regard.

JhaMobi internship program is aligned with this initiative and conducts a 6 months online internship program for graduate and postgraduate students (UG/PG).  The candidate shall undergo training in the chosen technology for the duration of the first month of the internship. Within this initial month, the student must engage in a self-paced and self training program via our LMS platform. Following the completion of this training, an evaluation and oral interview will be conducted with the students. Those students who are selected will be deemed eligible for participation in an internship program, wherein they will be assigned to real-life projects under the guidance of industry experts. The training provided during the internship will be project-focused in nature. On the other hand, any students who do not meet the qualifying criteria shall be offered a training-cum-internship program at a nominal cost. The candidate will be trained on the chosen technology for the first month of the internship. In the second month projects will be assigned. The training provided during the internship will be project-oriented training.
Mode of Instruction: Online
Internship Program Highlights
  • Online,
  • Self-paced,
  • Time flexible to start an internship at any point in time,
  • LMS-supported,
  • Live-project based.
  • Mentor allocation for every intern for the live doubt-clearing session.
  • Job placement calls for assurance after completing the internship.
  • Free career counseling
  • Available on all devices laptops, desktops, and Mobile apps.

Technologies/Skillset learned: 

  1. Online Internship in Full Stack PHP development
  2. Online Internship in Full Stack Java development
  3. Online Internship in  Full Stack MERN 
  4. Online Internship in  Full Stack MEAN 
  5. Online Internship in  Frontend Core development
  6. Online Internship in  Android App Development
  7. Online Internship in  AWS 
  8. Online Internship in  DevOps 
  9. Online Internship in  AI/ML 
  10. Online Internship in  Entrepreneurship
  11. Online Internship in  Sales training
  12. Online Internship in  Digital Marketing
  13. Online Internship in  Website development
  14. Online Internship in  Python
  15. Online Internship in  Data Science
  16. Online Internship in  Communication Skill
Perks at the end of the program:
  • Internship completion certificate.
  • Letter of recommendation. (Based on performance during internship)
  • Excellence performance certificate

Intern Eligibility: JhaMobi Internship Program is for final-year Computer Science BCA, MCA, B.Sc, M.SC, B.Tech, and M.Tech students. All interested candidates from any stream who want to learn IT/programming are welcome.

For more information, Please visit https://jhamobi.com/internship

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