What Interns Want in Internships Today

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Internships are indeed a complex and sensitive issue in the modern job market.

Many companies view internships as an opportunity to acquire capable workers at a more affordable cost, while simultaneously providing valuable job experience and training to those entering the field. However, recent trends indicate that some interns are expressing dissatisfaction with the situation. They are voicing concerns about receiving unreasonably low pay and lacking proper mentorship, leading them to believe that companies are not fulfilling their end of the agreement.

The discontent among interns has resulted in a reluctance to pursue internship positions. Moreover, governments are taking note of these concerns and are growing increasingly cautious about internship programs that are perceived negatively by interns.
To address this challenge, it is essential for companies to reconsider certain key factors in their internships. 

1. Meaningful Learning Opportunities: Interns sought internships that provided them with practical learning experiences, relevant to their field of study or career aspirations. They wanted to work on real projects and gain hands-on experience that could add value to their skillset.

2. Mentorship and Guidance: Having a supportive and approachable mentor was highly valued by interns. They desired regular feedback, constructive criticism, and someone to help them navigate challenges throughout the internship.

3. Company Culture: An inclusive and positive work culture was important for interns. They looked for companies that fostered a collaborative environment, encouraged creativity, and respected diversity.

4. Networking Opportunities: Interns aimed to build their professional network during their internship. They appreciated companies that organized networking events, workshops, or allowed them to connect with employees from different departments.

5. Flexibility: With the rising emphasis on work-life balance, interns sought internships that offered some degree of flexibility, such as remote work options or flexible working hours.

6. Stipend and Benefits: While some interns were willing to intern without pay for valuable experience, a stipend or other benefits, such as travel allowances or meal reimbursements, were considered attractive incentives.

7. Opportunities for Full-Time Employment: Many interns hoped that their internship would lead to potential full-time job offers if they performed well during the internship period. When asked what they’d most like their internship employer to offer, 51% said an opportunity for full-time employment is most important to them. They view an internship as an opportunity to prove themselves as capable of being hired full-time.

8. Meaningful work: While it can be stressful entrusting new workers with high-impact projects for clients or putting them on teams with current employees, this is the kind of work that gets interns engaged. If your company cannot give out this kind of work to interns, then a lack of drive is likely expected.

9. Good employer references: If intern can’t get a job within your business, a good employer reference still goes a long way towards helping them get their start. One survey said, 80% of employers said they contact listed references when evaluating potential employees – and 69% of employers said they have changed their minds about a candidate after speaking with a reference.

10. Skill Development: Interns were interested in acquiring both technical and soft skills that would enhance their employability and make them more marketable in the job market.

11. Responsibility and Autonomy: The opportunity to take ownership of projects and work independently was appealing to interns who wanted to make a meaningful impact.

12. Flexible working conditions: As internships increasingly become a requirement for work, interns are now completing internships on top of other activities like schoolwork or their job. This makes experiences in far-off locations or expensive cities less desirable. It also means your business will likely draw from a significantly smaller talent pool for in-person internships.

13. Good Work-Life Balance: Interns appreciated internships that provided a reasonable workload and allowed them to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life.

It’s worth mentioning that the preferences of interns can vary significantly depending on the industry, location, and individual career goals. To attract top talent, companies must continuously adapt and align their internship programs with the evolving expectations of interns.

What does JhaMobi Internship Program do for an Internship?
1. If JhaMobi does not plan to hire from your internship program make it clear upfront so that Interns don’t feel cheated by feeling that they’ve been lured in by the prospect of a job only to have it snatched away.

2. JhaMobi has effective ways to measure your interns’ performance. It helps confidently to know whether interns are suitable to be hired at the end of the internship or not and let them know why they got the position or not.

3. JhaMobi references are another main factor in case the company isn’t looking to hire. The company gives interns a glowing reference, an Excellence performance certificate and a Letter of recommendation based on performance during the internship. Jhamobi always believes in honest reference. If there are no great things about an intern the company explain why rather than an unexplained or lackluster reference.

4. JhaMobi Internship Programs give interns busy work as well as balance these with bigger projects to keep interns motivated. Sometimes, They get a project that IT team have wanted to try for a while but never gotten around to. These could be great tasks for interns.

5. At times, Individual interns alone may not have the skillsets or the discipline needed to take on big projects alone. In this situation, we give interns such complex projects by hiring teams of interns.

6. JhaMobi offers internship-cum-training program for all unselected and disqualified students in JhaMobi internship program selection. 

7. JOIP provides remote internships to let interns around the world get the experience they need from anywhere completely around their schedule.

JOIP- JhaMobi Online Internship Program is complete Virtual and Online Internships to help interns with remote internships. It partners with top academic and government institutions globally to provide internships looking to make their mark. 

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