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Illustration depicting a group of engineering students engaged in an online internship, highlighting the potential solution to the challenge of limited job prospects post-graduation.

JhaMobi Technologies Private Limited (JTPL) is an Online Internship company. It provides an affordable online internship program (JOIP) for Higher Education students to bridge the skills gap between academics and industry, transforming students into job-ready professionals. JOIP helps students in killing two birds (which are internships and Jobs) with one stone. It is for UG/PG students in various technologies like Data Science, AI/ML, Cloud Technologies (AWS), Python, DevOps and many more.

They specialize in EdTech solutions like LMS, Educational ERP (Academic Management System), UMS (University Management System), CMS (College Management System) and Student Information System (SIS) which are complete technology-based platforms for educational institutes to run their academics and administration online. A complete Web and Mobile Solution package to align with the educational institute.

Other software solutions include Digital content solutions, Digital Library, eJournal software solutions, NAAC assistance software with compatible Reports

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